Ancient Picture Wednesday

Today: A set of four pictures from 1TYM’s first album promotion (~1998).

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YG on letting his artists go solo & variety show appearances

In an interview with Osen News on January 3rd, Yang Hyun Suk was asked about idol groups disbanding and why he lets 2NE1 & Big Bang have so many sub-units and solo tracks.

He explained: “We let the Big Bang members go solo in order for them to better focus on Big Bang itself. I’d like for Big Bang and 2NE1 to become groups that stay together for a long time. A lot of groups disband when their five- or seven-year contracts come to an end, and the reason is almost always the differences in musical opinion between each of the members. It’s something that I experienced myself while working as a member of Seo Taiji wa Aidul [Seo Taiji & Boys]. In order to solve such problems, I let all of the Big Bang members work as solo artists or sub-units in order to release as much of their musical creativity as they desire. After going through that process, they come back to the group with better focus, and nurture a stronger affection towards the group. 2NE1 is the same.”

Osen also asked YG why his artists don’t appear on variety shows as much as other artists. His reply, “the reason we minimize their variety appearances is because we care for our artists,” echoed his December 30th message. “If it’s a stage that’s perfected in every aspect and truly cares for the artist, there’s no reason we would reject the opportunity. If we became a company that succumbed to the requests of broadcast companies and stressed the importance of building relationships with related representatives, it would have been easier for us, but we are lasting as long as we can by having a different mindset from others,” he added.


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SBS Accused Of YG Favoritism

Again, netizens are in a tizzy over perceived favoritism by one of the major Korean networks. This time it’s the SBS Gayo Daejun that has come under fire for giving GD&TOP and Se7en twelve minutes of air time, then giving 2NE1 & Kim Gun Mo eighteen minutes and twenty-two seconds.

The producers spoke to Newsen on December 30th and said that the length of the various performances was already decided before broadcast and that Kim Gun Mo did receive a larger share of time due to his seniority. They also pointed out that 2NE1 only sang two of their own songs.


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Seungri Joins Me2day

After his failed Twitter venture, Seungri joined CL (21cl), Dara (21dara), Minji (21minzy), Bom (21bom), Gummy (030201), Se7en (se7enyg), Psy (psyfive), G-Dragon (g-dragon), TOP (topofbb), Daesung (bbdaesung), Yoo In Na (yginna) and Goo Hye Sun (manolin) on me2day. He opened his account (viofbb) on December 27th and posted a picture of himself on January 3rd.

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GD & TOP’s World Premiere: Links Round-Up

GD&TOP on TvN ENews, MNet Wide and YStar

Promotional pictures

More promotional pictures

A fan’s account of being at the “High High” MV filming

Behind-the-scenes footage of the filming of “High High”, shot before everyone arrived.

A translated article that goes over some of the points brought up in the World Premiere.

A video message by 2NE1 and a written message by Dara cheering on GD&TOP.

More written messages, from Gummy and the rest of 2NE1.

A media post on AA-chan featuring more promotional pictures, videos from performances and more.

A Q&A with GD & TOP.

-G-Dragon posted these behind-the-scenes pictures on December 21st and 22nd, followed by this picture of the five album colors (blue, green, pink, silver and gold) on December 27th.

-During the shooting of the December 23rd edition of M! Countdown, G-Dragon took some time backstage to hang out with former YG trainee Hyun Seung, who is now in B2ST.

Pictures of a GD&TOP promotional bus

Christmas wishes via video from GD&TOP and Daesung, recorded on December 24th.

Interview transcript from KBS2 TV’s “Entertainment Relay”, where GD&TOP talk about drinking, being allowed by YG to have girlfriends, and the album being a Christmas present.

Interview with YG after GD&TOP’s comeback stage on Inkigayo’s December 19th episode.

Interview tidbit with GD&TOP about their unit activities vs. Big Bang activities with Money Today Star News, on December 22nd.

GD&TOP’s pre-order sales were very impressive, totaling 200,000 on December 22nd (with still one day left for pre-orders), which beats the pre-orders of any Big Bang album.

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2NE1 At Chanel’s Winter Party

On December 6th, 2NE1 performed at Chanel’s winter party. The set list included “I Don’t Care”, “Fire”, “Go Away” and “Baksoocheo”. Fancams of the performances can be watched here.

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YG Life Round-Up: Recent Videos

GD&TOP’s December 19th comeback on Inkigayo, with “High High” and “Oh Yeah” with Bom.

The first part of GD&TOP’s December 23rd M!Countdown performance, including the Intro, “High High” and “Oh Yeah” featuring Bom, and the second part, “Bbeokigayo”. This performance was the most expensive comeback stage in MNet’s history. (Source)

GD&TOP’s December 30th performance of “Bbeokigayo” and “High High” on M! Countdown.

Not from YG Life directly, but certainly video-related is YG Family’s new YouTube channel, YG Concert, currently featuring performances from Shine A Light (“Heartbreaker”, “The Leaders”, “1nyeon Jeonggeojang”), the 2010 Big Show (“Haroo Haroo”, “Geojitmal”), the 2010 YG Family Concert (GD&TOP’s “Bbeokigayo”), and a teaser for Taeyang’s 2010 Solar concert.

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GD&TOP’s Custom Beats Headphones

You may have noticed G-Dragon and TOP’s matching pairs of black & white Beats By Dr.Dre headphones in some of their promotional pictures.

Rumors went that these were a special edition made directly by Monster Cable (makers of Beats) for GD&TOP’s album promotion, and that they would be sold for $300~400 USD, the price for a standard pair of Beats Studio headphones.

The custom headphones ended up being sold on CJMall for 649,000 won – that’s $577.83 USD, roughly the price of a pair of customized Beats Studio from Color Ware.

Many YG Family artists have their own custom Beats made by Color Ware, and although Color Ware will not reproduce special editions without permission (which means you can’t order GD&TOP’s headphones from them), anyone can buy and customize a pair of headphones through their website.

A reminder, if you like GD&TOP’s headphones but can’t afford them: they’re one of the prizes for the special draw that can be entered using the YG Family number card that came with GD&TOP’s album. Numbers can be entered for the draw until January 9th.

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Daesung (& Big Bang) Grants A Wish

On December 13th, Daesung went to visit Seoul’s Asan Hospital to grant a young leukemia patient’s wish to meet him. This was after the girl, Jung Eun, had been passed over by the Make A Wish foundation; her father wrote an appeal to Daesung and posted it to the DCDS fanboard at midnight. Daesung somehow saw the letter and came to visit on the same day, along with Sean. According to a fan account, he also signed autographs and took pictures with other patients and fans.

Then, on December 24th, Sean called Asan Hospital to say that all of Big Bang would be coming to visit Jung Eun. Sean, Daesung and Taeyang visited first, around 3PM, and they took pictures and played with the children. At 9PM, G-Dragon, TOP and Seungri dropped by and played with Jung Eun. Seungri even promised her to invite her onstage at the next Big Bang concert.

The father’s full letter is translated here on iBigbang, and his account of the visit can be read here.

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2010 Melon Music Awards

The 2nd annual Melon Music Awards were held on December 15, 2010. 2NE1 won Album Of The Year for “To Anyone”, one of the big three awards. Sonyeo Shidae and 2AM won Artist Of The Year and Song Of The Year, respectively.

Gummy won Best R&B Song for “Namjaraseo”, and Psy won Performance Culture for “Right Now”.

Adding up the awards won at the MAMAs (boycotted by SM Entertainment), the Golden Disk Awards (boycotted by YG Entertainment) and the Melon Music Awards, 2NE1 and Sonyeo Shidae both won six awards in total, equaling a draw in the “girl group battle”.

Red carpet pictures, featuring Dara’s new bob. More red carpet pictures, and videos of Gummy, Psy and 2NE1 performing.

2NE1, Girls Generation triumph at 2nd Melon Music Awards
Which artists from YGE, SME, and JYPE cultivated the most year-end awards for 2010?

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