The KBS And YG Mess

YG Entertainment announced earlier, on December 19th, that they wouldn’t be attending KBS’s 2010 Music Festival/Gayo Daechookjae, which was held on December 30th. However, GD&TOP, 2NE1, Se7en, and Taeyang took part in both SBS Gayo Daejun and MBC Music Festival, held on December 29th and 31st. The reason for this is that “YG and KBS have differences in opinions regarding KBS broadcasting an award during the live festival. Thus, YG has decided to not let their label artists participate in the program for this year.”

The “award during a live festival” part refers to the fact that the big three networks used to hold year-end award ceremonies. Five years or so ago, though, they collectively decided to change them to simple music festivals featuring special performances with no awards. However, KBS broke rank last year when they created a “Popular Song Award” out of the blue and awarded it based solely on viewer votes.

KBS protests that the Popular Song Award does not indicate their intention to bring awards back into their Gayo Daechookjae, and that one award does not constitute making the festival into an award show.

Yang Hyun Suk spoke to Osen on December 28th to clarify his decision not to let his artists attend the KBS Gayo Festival: “I believe that there is a difference in thought between KBS and YGE. We’ve decided not to have our artists attend the ceremony because we simply do not agree with the award’s standards. We are against relying on ARS texting votes, broadcast points, and live votes to determine results. Unfortunately, since KBS will utilize those methods, it led us to decide not to attend. Just like how all broadcast programs only invite artists that they want on the show, decisions made by entertainment companies are autonomous as well. We hope that people don’t exaggerate a program appearance decision between two companies to be indicative of a conflict.”

After YG Entertainment announced that they would not be attending, rumors started that this was due to the fact that out of Se7en, Taeyang, 2NE1, Psy and Gummy, only 2NE1 were in the “Top 20 Nominees” list. KBS themselves stated that YG Entertainment declined to attend before they knew about the nominees, so the rumor is unsubstantiated.

Another unsubstantiated rumor is that YG’s decision not to let his artists attend KBS’s festival was because “2NE1, who had the most promotional activities out of any YG artist this year, weren’t sure of winning the Best Song Award”, and that this resulted in GD&TOP being the ones who were “punished” by KBS’s decision not to allow YG artists to perform on KBS Music Bank. Because of this, some netizens accuse YG of favoring 2NE1 over Big Bang.

In addition to explaining his objection to KBS’s Popular Song Award very thoroughly, YG also posted a message on December 30th in which he spoke about caring for his artists by not making them run on ten hours of sleep a week just to give them a few minutes’ worth of TV appearances, and wanting to focus on quality over quantity. He used 2NE1 as an example, citing that they had to wake up at 2AM to get their hair & make-up done early enough to get to an early morning rehearsal for a TV program, which meant that if they had another appearance the day before, they might not even get to sleep at all.

Of course, netizens were further angered by this, commenting that YG could take care of his pet group however he liked but that he should let Big Bang members have more broadcasting time, and that “YG has a tendency to only take care of artists who are doing well”. Hopefully, with GD&TOP’s record-breaking number of pre-orders and ever-increasing popularity, netizens are no longer worried about YG abandoning the poor boys and, like YG, will start caring more about the company’s underlying principles and the quality of their music and performances, rather than about the number of minutes each artist spends on TV.

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2 Responses to The KBS And YG Mess

  1. nashaad says:

    i think some fans need to CALM down.. it was 2ne1’s time to shine so of course he would think about their well being and you can actually see the affection yg has for big bang, so whats all this crap about favoritism i think he was set on big bang’s comeback rather than piontlessly performing thing’s unlike some other companies yg actually CARES about what happens to his artists whether in the short run or the long run

  2. ershie says:

    I actually kind of wondering why I don’t see YG artists performing on MuBank or in any KBS show. I know something is going on between them but I didn’t know this was the reason. I think YG’s reason for not attending the year-end show is kinda lame. I think they’re just worried about their artists not winning the award. I mean what’s wrong if you don’t win any awards at the end of the day right? They should atleast give some support to the ones who won the award. I don’t like KBS for having this popularity award too but c’mon, be professional.

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