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Real name: 강규용 (Kang Kyu-Yong)

Q is a producer and songwriter – not much else is known about him. He wrote songs for Keep Six, Jinusean, 1TYM, etc., and co-produced many of YG Entertainment’s early albums. He’s also worked with Lee Juno (from Seo Taiji & Boys) and gasoo Go Young Wook.

Jimmy Thörnfeldt

Jimmy Thörnfeldt is a Swedish producer and composer. He and fellow composer Martin Hazen form the production team Silverroom. He’s worked on many of Big Bang’s Japanese hits and has also collaborated with artists like Kate Ryan and German boyband Part Six.

JT Music, Jimmy’s songwriting and production company.

Mohombi Moupondo

Mohombi Moupondo is a swedo-congolese songwriter, dancer and artist. He studied at Rytmus Music High School in Stockholm and made his stage debut at seventeen in the Swedish production of the cult show Wild Side Story. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in song and music from Stockholm’s Music Conservatory and went on to form the group Avalon with his older brother Djo and win “Best Europe African Diaspora” in the 2003 Kora Awards (African music awards similar to Grammys).

More recently he’s been living in Los Angeles and working with the music production project led by RedOne. He’s co-written many of Big Bang’s Japanese songs – Number 1, Come Be My Lady, Gara Gara GO!!, Stay, Top Of The World, and Follow Me. He’s been featured in Swedish rapper Lazee’s recent hit Do It and will soon start promoting his own solo single Bumpy Ride.

Official MySpace

Rina Moon

Rina Moon is a Japanese-Korean singer and lyrics producer. She debuted as a songwriter for Se7en’s Japanese releases when she was 18, and went on to translate lyrics from English and Korean to Japanese for Big Bang. Many of the Korean Big Bang songs that have a Japanese version – My Girl, Candle, Mad About You, Always, etc. – were translated by her. She works under Victor Music Arts, a division of JVC music.

In addition, she debuted as a vocalist in 2006 and does regular shows in small clubs in Tokyo. She released a three-track album called Arigatou in December 2008.

Victor Music Arts profile
Official Site

Brave Brother (용감한 형제)

Brave Brother is a producer and songwriter who worked briefly for YG Entertainment. His style is fairly distinctive and usually incorporates dance and techno beats. He’s co-written many songs for YG artists, starting with “Noonmool sshitgo hwajang hago” for Lexy in 2005, and has also done various remixes. He has now moved on from YG Entertainment and composes songs for other kpop artists.

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  1. patrickshamavu says:

    j’aime vraiment Mohombi de tout mon coeur, je l’apprécie bcp

  2. patrickshamavu says:

    Mohombi est l’Artiste musicien congolais que j’apprécie et ses chansons me réjoui de tout mes chagrin. Que Dieu le guide et lui donne la force et une excellente carrière de la musique

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